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Sipping Sports Drinks Can Erode Your Teeth

Drinking these may mean more visits to the dentist!

Here’s something you might have not considered: Consuming sports drinks for energy and hydration can put some serious hurts on your teeth. As in erosion. Maybe even extraction. Go figure. And all this time you thought those sports drinks were good for you.

Even moderate dependence on a sports drink is going to adversely affect your ivories, say the dentists here at Spektor Dental. But let’s face it. For many who participate in a rigorous regimen of exercise or sports, moderation is for wimps. And while we’ve been telling our patients for years that drinking the stuff is bad for your teeth, we thought we’d share some information from dentists who have done studies on the topic.

Science Daily has published articles on the issue, including a New York University College of Dentistry study that links prolonged consumption of sports drinks to tooth erosion — a condition where acid eats away at the hard enamel coating of the teeth, seeping into the bonelike material underneath. This in turn, causes the tooth to become soft and weak. The study contends that this can lead to severe damage to the teeth and even loss of teeth if you continue the unabated consumption of these nasty concoctions.

What these New York University-affiliated research dentists did was take Continue Reading →

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